About us

TumbleAir is a company built on rich sports and designing traditions. Our aim is to produce high quality equipment that complies with international standards and with our clients’ expectations, and which even sets out new standards in terms of quality and functionality. Pneumatic products are our specialty.


We deal with producing the equipment both for competitive athletes and everyone who likes to do sports and take care of their physical condition.

Being aware of the fact that sports equipment must comply with specified standards, we made sure that our flag product - Tumbling Track GREGOR – designated for professional athletes, be compliant with the requirements of the International Gymnastics Federation.

However, sports are also fun. We introduced products with various sizes, properties and dedication, in order to inspire people to look for various forms of physical activity, and motivate them to exercise, whatever their sports ambitions, skill levels, or age.

The scope of applications of TumbleAir products is:

artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, gymnastics for all, acrobatics, cheerleading, dancing and many others.


Our products were tested by experienced coaches and sportspeople, and by prestigious research centers, and the solutions were created and modernized among others in one of the best sports acrobatics center in Poland. The experience gathered we use in order to provide our clients with innovative products of the highest quality.

Our strengths:

  • durability and safety – by selecting the best materials

  • high quality standards – by continuous supervision of manufacturing processes

  • highest utility properties at the lowest price possible

  • well-thought-of and esthetic patterns

Both during the concept stage and production process, we were driven by high attention to detail and that is why all of our products are covered with long-term door-to-door guarantee.


With proper equipment, the sportspeople may learn more quickly and easily, and that is why we try to produce the equipment that will allow them to gain new skills and better results. We introduce innovations in order to improve the safety and quality properties of our equipment.

Many our products are based on patented technologies that largely facilitate the handling and storage of the sports equipment. By continuously improving each detail, we managed to prepare perfect products and to gain the recognition by coaches, sportspeople and amateurs.

Learn more in the TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONS bookmark.


We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to design and produce the best pneumatic tracks in the world. We concentrate on improving the quality standards of the equipment and accessories, and on improving their operating properties. We believe that in this way our products may largely improve the spectacularity of sports events and the level of selected disciplines.


We are driven by continuous efforts to improve the efficiency and organization of the company, taking care of the trust from our clients both to our products and our services. We want to be competent and friendly. We are ready to give reliable answers to all the questions asked.

Our management board and all the employees are oriented towards the following values:

  • excellent quality of customer service

  • sense of responsibility and reliability

  • continuous development

  • familiarity with products and clients’ needs

We provide instruction manuals and suggestions on the maintenance and handling of the purchased equipment.