Air Cover

AIR COVER for Tumbling Track GREGOR is a flexible and ultra-dynamic pneumatic track. The DWF material it is made of is a modern fabric, of high quality and durability, with excellent insulation properties and resistant to UV rays.

Modern jumps on the track require very springy and dynamic acrobatic tracks. The traditional cover, made of PE foam connected with carpeting, is susceptible to breaking and not durable. The air cover of the Tumbling Track GREGOR NEVER BREAKS. In comparison with traditional tracks, AIR COVER provides better take-off, and thus the jumps on the track are more dynamic and spectacular. 

In every sports discipline the safety of participants is always the most important issue. Following this rule, we created a pneumatic cover which minimizes the threat of injuries and traumas.

Tumbling Track GREGOR, equipped with AIR COVER, was produced in accordance with the FIG standards.

AIR COVER is equipped with high quality handles, tight and durable valves and, as per the FIG requirements, three marking lines. Learn more about FIG standards – Self-Study Guide.

After a training, the air in the cover may be deflated, and the cover may be rolled and easily moved to a warehouse, and thus it is very practical, especially if we use the additional accessories described in PACKING AND TRANSPORT SYSTEMS. The folded cover, just like the whole TT GREGOR set, takes little warehouse space.

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