Air Track Pump & Jump

Air Track Pump & Jump

Product Info

Air Tracks PUMP & JUMP are inflatable tracks distinguished by excellent quality and moderate prices. Due to refined manufacturing technology and high quality of materials used, Air Tracks PUMP & JUMP are airtight and durable.

The pumping takes no more than several minutes.

Various sizes allow to select the product appropriate to:

  • buyer's needs

  • amount of space available in the gym

  • financial (budget) capacities

They may be applied in many different ways, from high-performance trainings, through various types of gymnastic exercises, to dance clubs, fitness clubs or Gymnastics for All.

Air Tracks PUMP & JUMP may be connected in two ways, using special Velcro straps. On Acro Side we may connect two or more tracks at long sides. In this way a gymnastic floor may be created out of several tracks. In turn, the Tumble Side is prepared for connecting the tracks at short sides. That’s how one longer track may be constructed out of two shorter ones. Such a solution allows dividing the shopping for equipment into several stages, according to budget possibilities and increasing needs of a club.

All the TumbleAir tracks have durable handles for moving the equipment in the sports hall. After deflating they occupy little warehouse space.

Available dimensions of Air Tracks PUMP & JUMP:


10 m
15 m
20 m
25 m
10 cm
20 cm
30 cm
150 cm
200 cm

Air Tracks PUMP & JUMP are covered with 5-year door-to-door guarantee,

upon the terms and conditions specified in the General Terms and Conditions.


Air Track Pump & Jump - Details



Velcro straps

Acro Side


Tumble Side


  • Elements of the set:
  • Accessories:

Price of a Track includes:

  1. Air Track PUMP & JUMP (in selected dimensions)

  2. Electric pump (blower) Scoprega

  3. Carrying Bag