Rollable Mats

Rollable mats in two available types

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Rollable mats provide a traditional and inexpensive surface for various acrobatic and gymnastic exercises. Due to their properties and to the special covering, they are appropriate for comfortable and safe general physical exercises, without risk of abrasions or irritations.

Rollable Mats are made of the PE foam permanently connected with a carpeting layer and they are easy to store and clean. They are perfect for big and small gyms.

Every rollable mat may be equipped with connection Velcro straps, which allow to build the gymnastic floor or track easily in accordance with own needs.


  • Gymnastics

  • Cheerleading

  • Tumbling

  • Acrobatics

Rollable mats are available in two colors - blue and honey.

Our offer includes two basic types of rollable mats:

  • Standard - rolled with surface outward

  • Flexi Roll - rolled with surface inward (cross-cut foam)

Thanks to the notches, the Flexi-roll-type rollable mats are more durable and less susceptible to bursting or damaging the covering.

Rollable mats are available in the following configurations:

Thickness: 25mm, 35mm
Width: 1,5m, 2m
Length: 6m, 10m, 12m, 14m


Rollable Mats - available types and colours



Standard type

Flexi-roll type