Pump & Jump

PUMP & JUMP is a technology of producing pneumatic tracks, made of the modern material called Double Wall Fabric (DWF). DWF consists of two external layers connected with polyester fibers of the same length. In this way, after pumping up, the distance between the external layers is the same on the whole surface of the track. This provides the desired shape, the stability of dimensions, and superb dynamic properties. By regulating the pressure, you may adapt the properties of the track to the current needs and skills of the athletes.

The DWF material has the following properties:

  • high tensile strength
  • resistance to high pressures
  • very good insulation properties
  • stability of dimensions
  • resistance to bending
  • high resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions
  • durability
  • air-tightness
  • perfect distribution of tensions

Acrobatic tracks produced in the PUMP & JUMP technology are products of the highest quality. The athletes and trainers from one of the best acrobatic clubs in Poland tested them for over 10 years. Each detail was perfected in order to ensure that our products have excellent utility properties, sufficient durability and attractive look.