Tramp Protector
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Tramp Protector is a set of innovative, pneumatic, protective mats produced in the AIR JUMP® technology. That innovative structure of inflatable sports mats eliminates all the previous inconveniences and difficulties occurring during the transportation, use and storage of traditional equipment.

The main advantage of Tramp Protector mats is the possibility to fold and unfold them quickly, and so during transportation and storage they take up much less space than traditional foam mats. The exceptional comfort of use and the effectiveness of using the warehouse space make Tramp Protector irreplaceable in the sports disciplines that require the use of extensive protective zones constructed of many mats – such as TRAMPOLINE.

The protective zone build of pneumatic mats does not require continuous inflation, and its respective elements are pumped separately and connected with Velcro straps.

The Tramp Protector mats are compliant with the general rules of professional gymnastics and with EN 12503.

The AIR JUMP® technology makes use of patented solutions for pneumatic structures. Many years of experience of the inventor-constructor, and cooperation with experts and sportspeople, allowed developing a patented solution that largely improves the safety of use and extends the life span of mats.

All mats have durable handles for moving the equipment in the sports hall. After deflating they occupy little warehouse space.
The pumping takes no more than several minutes.


Tramp Protector SET is covered with 2-year door-to-door guarantee,

upon the terms and conditions specified in the General Terms and Conditions.


Tramp Protector - Advantages

Stable Surface

Safe Falling

Easy folding

Small storage space

  • Elements of the set:
  • Accessories:

Tramp Protector SET includes:

  1. 2 mats: 700cm x 200cm x 30cm

  2. 4 mats: 500cm x 200cm x 30cm

  3. 2 mats: 400cm x 200cm x 30cm

  4. 10 velcro straps of the length of 200cm

  5. 8 Carrying Bags

  6. Set of Pumps