Tumbling Track GREGOR

Tumbling Track GREGOR in the One Track One Pack system

Product Info

Tumbling Track GREGOR is a modern set for high-performance exercises, based on the solutions tested for many years by sportspeople, coaches and technologists. Meeting the strict requirements set by the champions of discipline. Compliant with the general rules of professional gymnastics.

Main elements of the set:

  • rollable pneumatic, dynamic and elastic covering of the track, which never breaks and significantly reduces the risk of injuries;

  • steel elements of the track frame with flexible and durable fiberglass rods, which never fall out;

  • Run-up Area designed to be connected fast and durably with the track supporting structure;

  • Landing Area of the dimensions of 600x300x30 cm (inflatable AIR JUMP® system)

  • a Scoprega compressor and a Carrying Bag.

The track is designed as the One Track One Pack system, so it may be placed on one Trolley Platform.

The entire set is optimized in order to facilitate, to the maximum degree, the installation, disassembly, transportation and storage of the set.

Optionally, there is also available the system for stabilizing the pressure at the required level.

The main advantages of our construction:

  • low weight of the respective elements of the set;

  • simple quick-assembly system providing stable and durable connections of structural elements;

There are also available additional accessories, such as transport trolleys for easy transportation, installation, disassembly and storage of the track;

Ultra silent and stable work thanks to innovative construction and 56 rubber pads included in the set.

The Tumbling Track GREGOR set is covered with a 10-year guarantee.


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Tumbling Track GREGOR - Innovations


The rollable pneumatic covering of the track never breaks thanks to the technology applied. Dynamic and springy. Easy transportation and storage after deflating.

RUN-UP AREA - 5 Steel Platforms

The set contains a Run-up Area consisting of 5 elements of the dimensions of 200x100 cm. The stable clamp provides stable and durable connection between the Run-Up Area and the track frame. Frame on rubber shock absorbers.

One Track One Pack System

Trolley for transportation, storage and installation of the track. The One Track One Pack system equals the whole track on one Trolley Platform.​

Dynamic and durable fiberglass rods

Never falling out. The One Track One Pack system, without screws and complicated assembly, provides stable and durable connections. Low weight of the respective elements.

Connection between the track and the Run-up Area.

Durable connection between the track and the Run-up Area.

Connection between the track and the Landing Area.

Durable connection between the Air Cover and the Landing Area.​
  • Elements of the set:
  • Accessories:

Price of the set includes:

  1. AIR COVER - 25,2m


- 5 Steel platforms

- 4 Internal stands

- 2 Front/End stands

  1. STEEL FRAME of the track:

- 21 Steel platforms (with 336 fiberglass rods)

- 20 Internal stands

- 2 Front/End stands

  1. PNEUMATIC LANDING AREA - 600x300x30cm

  2. Electric Pump (blower) Scoprega